Start Updating ipod touch to 2 2

Updating ipod touch to 2 2

* BEST QUALITY at 1024x768 dot resolution * no color smearing.

If you get an error saying the app wont run in i OS11 and needs to be updated, you just need to update our apps in the App Store! Slide It off You will see that spinning thing for a second and the device will shut down completely. Press the HOME BUTTON (the circle button on bottom front) POWER SWITCH (top right) together at the same time, and release. your screen shot will be in your Photos Dont hold then down tooo long, or the device will ask you if you want to shutdown PDF FILE - Over 2000 Bingo Cards on 500 pages! a big 2.2MB file PDF FILE - 400 PINK colored Bingo Cards for Valentines Day! PDF FILE - No Color - Download FREE Bingo Cards as a PDF file. PDF FILE - No Color - Download FREE Bingo Cards as a PDF file. Print out Bingo cards from the device, or download them here! * Each Bingo Card has a SERIAL Number over the LETTER N (see here). * Standard ONE Line * Picnic Table * Layer Cake * Heart * and MANY MANY MORE!

1) Open the App Store app 2) Click on UPDATEs in the bottom row 3) click on UPDATE ALL Still having issues, just email me! Turn the device back on by pressing and HOLDING down the POWER switch (TOP of device, right hand side) for 3 seconds. if you didnt see the APPLE logo, you probably didnt shut it down completely. * If someone calls Bingo, Click "VERIFY BINGO" and enter this serial number. * If you do not see your favorite Bingo Pattern, let us know and we will add it!

from research on the internet, it seems the problem is related to the i Tunes account authorization.

one day your app works, then the next, they just flash for a second, and close out when you click on the app icon!

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Im assuming there were a BUNCH of Developers who submitted updates to their apps to fix their i OS8 issues.. Another theory, is that if you have multiple i OS devices, with DIFFERENT i Tunes accounts, all syncing with a single/multiple computers, there is a chance that the authorizations get all mixed up. Rebooting your i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad will solve 99% of all your app problems!

When an App wants more memory and there is none left, it just closes out. Rebooting your device will clear out all open apps, and leave a TON of memory available for your app! * The game will display that card and will VERIFY if its a BINGO!

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