Start Team fortress 2 100 validating

Team fortress 2 100 validating

I sure hope so, but there’s tentative signs that social media usage is falling off.

The disparate projects I had tried to launch in 2013 – most prominently, The Russian Spectrum translation portal and The Russia Debate forum – had all floundered, and I was increasingly busy with other things. I did have some loose plans to resume serious blogging at that time, but to be fair, I am not 100% sure I would have ended up following through on them.

Maybe in an alternate timeline, my blogging career would have ended around then.

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If you like the words that I write, and want me to write more of them, you can personally make that happen: My first (non-intro) post: Reading Russia Right.

Yes, yes, I know I have been promising it to my long-suffering readers for years now – but I really do think 2018 will be the year.

Could the increasing inanity/censorship of social media drive resurgence of a blogging?

May overlap with the Erudite Stoner, whose laziness comes from being under the influence, the Absent-Minded Professor, who may seem lazy because his intellect distracts him from everyday tasks and Jerk with a Heart of Gold.