Start Spud 2 the madness continues online dating

Spud 2 the madness continues online dating

In addition, she doesn't seem to be supportive of Bridgette's apparent crush on Geoff, wondering why Bridgette would be interested in a person like him.

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However she leaves a bad impression on her team in the first challenge after refusing to jump off the cliff into shark-infested waters, which devastates her.

Although she is extremely bossy, competitive, critical and even manipulative at times, she can be genuinely civil and polite to her fellow competitors.

She has become notorious among the contestants for constantly reminding them of her counselor-in-training experience, resulting in their constant annoyance.

Throughout her four competing seasons, the severity of Courtney's behavior ranges from generally easygoing to extremely antagonistic.

Her team's performance also leads her to take charge and her bossy nature only fuels her team's dislike of her.