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It can be difficult for people outside the marble walls to know truly the relationships among the nine in their private chambers.

During arguments last Monday he said at one point, "I start with the text of the Constitution, always a good place to start." On Tuesday, during a dispute over partisan gerrymanders, he said, "Maybe we can just for a second talk about the arcane matter, the Constitution.

Where exactly do we get authority to revise state legislative lines?

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the fifth conservative on this 5-to-4 ideologically divided bench, has slowly tacked to the left over his 30-year tenure.

) I love the natural world in most forms and I consider myself a conservationist.

He fired off a raft of dissenting opinions, some that seemed to scold his colleagues.

He has dominated oral arguments, cutting off and correcting other justices, expounding on the scope of the Constitution.

Gorsuch, who was confirmed last spring and this week began his first full term, has shaken relations at the high court with actions that show -- depending on one's view -- a degree of arrogance or independence.