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As a result, the city saw violent crimes staring to rise.

Homeless shelters and temporary housing facilities which once offered relief to the destitute in the downtown area are now empty, according to Sgt Brandon Shearer, who seems equally perplexed as he searches for homeless camps during helicopter patrols.

'I don't know,' Shearer told The Guardian when asked where the homeless have gone.

A second video, however, shows at least four lights flying through the sky, all a similar size and shape and going roughly the same speed.

Based on descriptions, Patrick Wiggins, the NASA Ambassador to UTAH, told FOX 13 that the lights might have come from a satellite that broke up in orbit.

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The bindings that held her wrists and ankles, taut.

'That's a good question.' While coastal citys like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York have carried the brunt of the homeless crisis in America for decades, Salt Lake City also faced challenges in trying to house the less fortunate.