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Nuathy girls chat without registration

AMERICA FROM SPACE The great continent through mist and swirling skies.

He swats a pitch -- not out of the park, it's much sweeter than that.

JERRY'S VOICE In Odessa, Texas, the great Frank Cushman.

JERRY'S VOICE You know those photos where the new player holds up the team jersey and poses with the owner?

Through the glass window, we see a large office divided up into many cubicles.

UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE -- HOUSTON -- DAY An unmarked car pulls into the underground parking facility of the Houston Police Department.

") Back doors open, and out steps Jerry Maguire with huge offensive lineman, BOBBY "BAJA" BRUNARD, 22.

JERRY MAGUIRE EARTH FROM SPACE The blue marble as seen from space.

We hear the calm voice of Jerry Maguire, talking just to us.

He walks briskly and smoothly, yellow legal tablet in hand, at home in this lobby filled with Athletes and Sports Team Owners.

He cooly works out figures on a yellow legal tablet.

JERRY Listen, there's no proof of anything except that this guy is a sensational athlete.