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War cemeteries and war dead of World War I and II inside of Germany are also documented in these files (895,561 in 2010).

It helps to keep members informed about art, history, law and science of heraldry and to encourage the everyday use of heraldry.

In return for your membership you will receive the regular journal “ARMA” which contains various articles and other information on heraldry.

A grave research demand () can be sent online or as hardcopy to Volksbund (German War Grave Commission) to clarify the unknown fate of a German soldier.

As some family names are very common it is important to mention all given names and the date of birth of the missing soldier.

As additional data should be given if available: date of death, last unit ( Volksbund has also an online database on war cemeteries.

Data collected for each cemetery are location (geography), how to reach, number of dead, course of military events in the region and architecture of the cemetery.

To guard the memory of the victims of war and violence, to work for peace among all nations and to guarantee dignity of men, are the main goals in the statutes of the German War Graves Commission.

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