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Edward scape martinez dating

An annual spring miniature show, “Small Things Considered,” has Tucson’s favorite contemporary artists downsizing and making delightful tiny works in their signature styles.

Etherton also showcases provocative contemporary painters, including Bailey Doogan, Jim Waid and the late Nancy Tokar Miller, along with up-and-coming young Tucson artists.

Housed in the historic Odd Fellows Hall downtown, the gallery also has fine offerings of Mata Ortiz pottery from Mexico and deals in historic photos by the likes of Edward S. Named best gallery in the Best of Tucson competition for 18 years running, the gallery has been operating since 1981.

Visitors might find floating skulls in Francois Robert’s photos or half-human, half-animal Hieronymus Bosch-like figures in Hannah Yatta’s paintings.

An indefatigable champion of the art form, Philabaum invites leading glass artists from across the nation to exhibit in the gallery.

Skilled colorist Claire Campbell Park makes gorgeous tapestries that are like paintings in the thread.

Painter Alfred Quiroz delivers acid political commentary in large-scale history paintings.

Now celebrating its 40th season, the center was founded in 1975 with the complete archives of five photographic eminences: Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and Frederick Sommer.