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Dsstore not updating

Another thing I have noticed is that it was a frustration to me dealing with these . As I was browsing my Windows machine from Mac OS X, it would plant the . The Mac doesn’t realize that I was browsing on a Windows machine. Now you have some basic information about things like .

The section at 0x800 is junk and can be removed, although I'm not removing it yet until I can verify that it's not constant and is just junk from other files. The section that contains the remnants of the stuff at 0x1400 is more junk, just like the other partial duplicate contents of the file and other files, and can be removed.

In the event of a blob, the next 4 bytes (or the next 2 bytes, having skipped 2) gives the length, in bytes, of the blob structure, including only the following data, not the lead-in.

This seems to indicate that a file name follows, and that the file name will apply to future structs.

files from Python code; since it is written in pure Python, it is portable and will run on any platform, not just Mac OS X.