Start Dating megaphone

Dating megaphone

“It gives people room to start playing around with different formats,” says Max Linsky, co-founder of 's three-segment model could track how many listeners drop off after each third; even something as simple as determining the ideal podcast length is no longer a matter of guesswork.

The most immediate shift will likely be economic: Producers will finally be able to tell potential advertisers how many people listen to an ad, rather than simply how many typically download a given podcast.

Currently, tentative advertisers often opt for direct response ads—ones that allow you to, say, type in the name of the podcast for 15 percent off your Blue Apron order—because it gives them the ability to track a specific user code as a rough metric.

This all raises the specter of homogenization: If you don’t have listeners, advertisers won’t stick around, so podcasts may end up hewing to a limited range of subjects and structures.