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Dallas accommodating lens

I have spent over $40(US) per month, every month, for more than two years just trying to restore some health to my damaged eyes.

It is being marketed as a commodity which is the root cause of many of the problems my constituency is faced with.

I had no idea before having the Lasik operation that activities such as night driving might be difficult or even impossible if the surgery ends up -- no one quite knows why in my case --creating problems in how one's eye processes light.

Please, think very, very, carefully about how much you risk when you risk your two precious eyes to such an operation.

I have to purchase special artificial tears (called Dakrina) from a pharmacist. Cindy(Tron)I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1984 and though the techniques have changed the risk assessment and risk appear to have changed very little.

If you are a perfect candidate and the operation is with out error then you are in the high percentage bracket for having a successful refractive surgery experience.

The most you can expect from refractive surgery is the convenience of a reduced need for corrective lenses.

To attain that convenience, a patient must accept some risk.

"High myopes" (those with, say, prescription of 8 diopters or more) are particularly at risk for the kind of complications I have had.