Start Counseling dating christians

Counseling dating christians

We were in love, and that love led us to make a vow to be together, for better or for worse, until death.

We had work to do to get to know each other, and many of our confusions were rooted in the fact that we were so culturally different.

My husband and I joke that we are the reasons for the black and white stereotypes out there.

We enjoy each other to the fullest extent that marriage intends.

Protestants consider it to be sacred, holy, and central to the community of faith, while Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians consider it a Sacrament.

Though this viewpoint exists, Evangelicals are not against interracial marriage. For example, John Piper not only advocates interracial marriage in his book ; he has taken the time to preach about the topic.

That said, here's the truth: a decision to marry outside one's race or ethnicity should not be entered into lightly.

Just as distressing will be the discovery that your spouse finds you a stranger and has begun to confront you with a list of your serious shortcomings." Our differences in culture caused some conflicts at the beginning of our marriage. The gospel breaks down barriers because in salvation there is no distinction between people of different races, backgrounds, and ethnicities (Romans ).