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Anderson cooper who is he dating

“And that’s really what this show is: a peek behind culture and world events. It’s an entertaining night of stories from two people who have covered the world, from presidential debates to behind-the-scenes of the ‘Real Housewives.’ ” The other person on stage with Cooper during his “AC²” shows is Andy Cohen, his longtime friend and an Emmy-winner himself who hosts a late-night Bravo talk show, produces marquee reality TV series and, like Cooper, is prominently and openly gay. 11 Buell Theatre stop of his “AC²: Deep Talk and Shallow Tales” tour.

I was probably 22 or 23 and that time and was there until I was about 26.

He likes to program a party like he programs a TV show.

He wants to cause drama and see somebody get into a fight.

The idea I always had was that if you can transport kids in the classroom, even for a few minutes, and show what life is like for someone their age in a different part of the world, you can make that connection.

Q: As someone who’s covered a lot of dramatic events, what advice do you have for people who are having trouble finding balance right now amid the flood of concerning news?

A: Initially Channel One was supposed to be like a “Today Show” in classrooms. I would be in places where other reporters were, but I would try to interview a young person if I had the opportunity.

I didn’t talk down to kids at all but tried to show life for young people as much as possible, and I think there was a benefit to that.

A: I would definitely recommend not checking your social media constantly.