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All i need susane colasanti online dating

She is the poorest student at a rich school, where you only belong if you have this season's latest trends.

Bonus Factor: Fortune Telling Lani and Erin and Blake are totally into astrology and the magic 8 ball and palmistry.

There's a lot of fate talk, and asking the great energy for a sign stuff -- the whole plot is that Lani and Jason are fated to be together, and Erin's just the unwitting facilitator of their relationship.

When Noelle goes home, she must face her neglectful mother, who constantly reminds her that she is the reason behind their poverty.

Still, she finds small glimmers of light through her best friend, Sharae, and her longtime crush, Julian Porter.

Swoonworthy Scale: 4 Jason's pretty 2D, too, but there are some cutie flirty conversations between him and Lani as they're discovering their meant-to-be-ness.

And the sparks -- the almost kisses, the hand game (you know, the whole "slide your hand close to his and see if he moves a bit closer, then move so you're accidentally-on-purpose touching hands to see if he'll grab yours, then he hooks his pinky over yours, then you hook yours back around his, then he takes your hand and OMG you're FINALLY holding hands!

You're a good match on paper but there was just no chemistry.

Meghan is an erstwhile librarian in exile from Texas and writer for Forever Young Adult.

Talky Talk: Like, He Goes, Totally I'm all for authentic teenspeak in my YA books, but dude, I don't ACTUALLY want authentic teenspeak -- you know, all that "He goes, ' Oh my God' and I go, ' I know! '" That kind of talk just distracts me and is the stuff I'd rather infer than have to read out in dialogue.

But I will say the first-person narrative totally reads like an embarrassing diary entry of a high school girl -- pretty self-(and Jason-)centered stuff, and the tone is right on.

Erin starts dating Jason, but Lani quickly discovers SHE' S the one with the soulmate connection with Jason. BFF Charm: Meh So, Lani's nice and all, but she's kind of boring.