Start A visual language for querying and updating graphs

A visual language for querying and updating graphs

The tooltip shows that there are 6197 annotations linked by the pub-old:contains Mention predicate.

To see how many annotations (mentions) are there in the documents, click on the blue bundle representing the relationship between the classes pub-old: Document and pub-old: Text Mention.

Each link is an RDF statement where the subject is an instance of one class, the object is an instance of another class, and the link is the predicate.

Depending on the number of links between the instances of two classes, the bundle can be thicker or thinner and gets the colour of the class with more incoming links. In the example below, you can see the relationships between the classes of the News sample dataset provided in the distribution folder.

Four infrastructural constraints contribute to this problem: (1) the Internet-distributed computing world was developed primarily for the one-time distribution of information rather than the continuous flow of process communication, (2) the heterogeneous nature of database systems makes it difficult to have a single user interface to databases that utilize different connectivity protocols, schema metadata, and SQL syntax, (3) the standards infrastructure for data exchange is underdeveloped, and (4) "public programmers" (i.e., users of spreadsheet-level ability who are untrained as professional programmers) lack the necessary skills to access, query, and analyze data from heterogeneous, Internet-distributed databases.